Friday, March 30, 2012

Cat Lady!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I'm back! I went on a refreshing trip to New Mexico and now I'm back to work. The above are some sneak peaks at one of my most recent comics. It is my own take on Catwoman, but I call mine Cat Lady...why not?! I have always been a huge fan of the idea of Catwoman but she has never actually performed entirely up to my standards for her...eventually she always shows some out of place girly weakness. So I have created one that won't, ha!

These are a work in progress which I will gladly share once I'm through. Hasta Pronto!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


If you have been following along you will remember that I am currently involved in a comics anthology book. In the back will be all of the participating artists' bios, including yours truly. We were asked to create an illustrated self portrait instead of using a photo. So here is what i came up with. At first I did a traditional style pencil drawing of me looking in the mirror, but it got weird and I had to change it up (maybe in the future I will decide to put it up). Then I remembered this goofy but wonderful picture my sister took of me when we were in Argentina. This picture is wonderful because it represents perfectly the extent of my excitement over getting to drink yet another Baggio fruit juice box, as they were absolutely my favorite! If you've ever drank Baggio, any flavor, you clearly understand. I decided however to replace the Baggio with a lizard. Why you might ask, seeing as I love Baggio so darn much...Because I thought the general public could relate to a lizard more easily, and it has always been one of my spirit animals.

side note: spirit animals have been a popular topic of conversation lately. I have no idea why, just one of those things I guess. Something to think about...

So back to the lack there of, of Baggio. Maybe the lizard represents the Baggio, maybe the lizard drank the Baggio and turned into a Baggio! Maybe the lizard is requesting a Baggio? Maybe there is no logical reason and it plain doesn't matter why a lizard popped into my head as the perfect interpretation of a Baggio! Ha, enjoy!

Anyhow, I suppose I should add that this anthology is being funded by Kickstarter, and that if you scroll down you will find an older blog posting with the details. also, you can click HERE.

And that's a wrap up.