Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Young Fire Thrower

This illustration was inspired by my experiences of Bastille Day in Paris:

arabic children running through the streets throwing
fireworks of various medium to larger sizes all over the place
all over the streets and the squares
disturbing the lady i'm staying with's peace, along with many
in the neighborhood's.
it's pouring rain, i'm standing out on the balcony
watching and loving it.
The following day, i went to see the disco themed out of this world
fireworks at the Eiffel Tower celebration.

The two combined effects left this impression in my mind.
I have attached the original and my tweaked, more animated
version of how it really all was in my head.

And i quote:
Throw fireworks not bombs. And maybe one day they will
throw flowers and not rocks
because they won't be so angry
because they won't have anything to be so angry about
because maybe if we all do our part and stand together
against injustice maybe
just maybe...


1 comment:

  1. i love this! both of them! and now i wish i was there to see these things..
    very nice, coco.