Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elizabeth McGrath

I first discovered this artist by chance, rummaging around the sci-fi graphic novel area of the bookstore when I came upon a strange book. It was a story book and the story was told in the form of page after page of elaborately decorated yet dark in content dioramas. Inside was an array of made-up and yet almost recognizable very alive creatures interpreting the story for its reader. The experience stuck in my head for some time, and foolishly I hadnt written down the name of the book or the author. Then, a few years ago, by chance I was reconnected. Ah the funny ways of facebook. Through a recently made friend of a friend, a tagged photo came up, and in the background I noticed the familiar art that I had spotted a while ago. I had hopes of re-finding it again. And voila! a friend of a friend was friends with the artist herself, and I dug deeper until I found her website and now I am even on the mailing list of important upcoming events. I know!

Anyhow, the root of this whole ballad is aimed at sharing what I find to be one of the most innovative current artists in America right now. It combines a plethora of mediums and styles in a very concise unique way. Using a dark yet comical undertow, her work expresses contemporary concerns with an old fashioned edge.

Well that's what I think anyway.

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